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Patient Reviews

Dear Irena, I met you at the lowest point in my life.  In the Spring 0f 2014, with my marriage falling apart, I was in a dark, lonely place.  Two and a half years later, I feel free and confident and I am looking forward to the next chapter.  You helped me get to this point.  You taught me about mindfulness, meditation, yoga and journaling.  You recommended fabulous books and helpful TED talks.  You helped me to understand my deep seeded fear of abandonment and to recognize the difference between reacting and responding Thank you so much for your guidance and wisdom.  Always know that you have made a profound difference in my life.

C.S. Verified patient 2/23/17

Irena Sarovic is one of the most gifted and insightful counselors I have met. I have been in and out of counseling for years with no appreciable results. I first came to her office for grief counseling following a very difficult and painful mid-life divorce. It had been more than seven years; I was still grieving and could not seem to move forward. In addition, I was very ill and experiencing significant workplace difficulties. Unlike any of the previous counselors, Irena helped me recognize the connection between earlier life events, my prolonged grief and even the difficulties experienced in the workplace. She gave me tools for dealing with those sometimes debilitating issues. As a result, I have moved forward with greater confidence to experIience a life that is fuller, healthier and more anchored in a present appreciation than past hurt and disappointment or future anxiety. I have also learned not to shrink or puff up but to stand my ground. When we first met she said, "some clients choose to endure in known circumstances rather than face unknown change. However, other clients choose to engage in the difficult and painful work of change and through it change their circumstances". I am so glad I chose change and had Irena to guide me through it. It is the best and most lasting "makeover" a person can experience. I can never fully express my appreciation to her.


C.T.  Verified patient, 4/21/14

Irena Sarovic is God's gift to Vietnam veterans. I can not speak highly enough about her. If you are a Military Veteran or are just looking for a fantastic counselor than Irena is for you. After I left her office I always felt much better than when I walked in. And for me---that's what it is all about.


D.S. Verified patient, 12/3/13

After a lifetime of silence and denial, childhood trauma had taken over my life.  Depression and anxiety had so overwhelmed me that I was about to lose my house, my job and my family.  The only paths forward I saw were to either stop getting out of bed in the morning or try therapy. 

It is fair to say I had a low regard for therapy before I quite randomly found Irena. Now I have no doubt my time working with her gave me back my life.

Irena led me through a process of self-discovery, learning, and practice.  Through the use of multiple approaches Irena helped me become aware of, and understand both the physiological and mental response of my brain to the trauma and a lifetime of hiding it.  She taught me practical methods to retrain my body and my mind to deal not only with the trauma, but with future life challenges that I would inevitably face.  She held me accountable for putting these methods into practice in my daily life.  

After one year working with Irena I enjoy life again. I am happier and healthier.  I am a better father, husband and employee.  And I am still working on my own at improving.

I believe Irena is a gifted therapist.  She is experienced and insightful. She is sympathetic yet forthright. She is creative in tailoring therapy to meet her clients’ specific needs.  I absolutely and completely recommend her as a caring and effective therapist.


J.D. Verified Patient 2/28/2014




I honestly don't know how you do what you do.  Sometimes it freaks me out how well you can read into my issues cause it seems like you know me better than I know myself!  Therapy with you has been an amazing experience so far and I look forward to our sessions each week!  So, thank you.


an e-mail from a patient on 08/10/2014


Hi Irena,


I wasn't expecting yesterday to be my last session, so I didn't get a chance to really thank you for everything you have done for me. I was a mess when I first started seeing you and I know that if I hadn't found you I would not be where I am today. Thank you for your patience with me, for not giving up on me, for knowing what I needed when I didn't, for not letting me believe the lies I told myself, for answering my late-night drunken emails, for helping me find true happiness, for everything...


I know I have thought and said that I was fine many times over the last few years, but this time really does feel different and I know I am going to be okay. I feel really excited about just taking each day as it comes and being present for my kids and husband, and not stuck in my crazy thoughts and anxiety all the time. You have helped change all of our lives for the better and I am forever grateful for that. 


Thank you again for everything! 

an email from a verified patient on 9/9/2016

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